HiSpec Motorsport Ltd. Was established in 1985. We have since built a reputation as one of the standing leaders in the high performance brakes market.

We specialise in the bespoke design and manufacturing of upgraded braking systems. The high precision engineering of components on the CNC Machinery delivers our trademark premium quality brake upgrade kits and conversions. The key components of all kits (calipers, mounting bells, bracketry) are all designed and machined in-house with our state of the art CNC machinery.


Our range of kits covers most popular makes and models of car. In addition to the road and race applications, we also cater to the needs of kit cars and sports cars.  Our comprehensive scope of kits ranges from our Ultralite conversions (starting at 240mm discs) right up to a 400mm disc on our 8Pot calipers.

Unlike many other calipers on the market, our road range offers calipers designed specifically with road use in mind. As a result, they are fully dust sealed to protect from the ingress of dirt which protects the pistons from damage and corrosion. The majority of other equivalent aftermarket calipers do not incorporate dust seals, meaning harsh weather conditions can cause the pistons to seize, leading to unreliability. HiSpec use dust seals to safeguard the long-term efficiency of all our calipers. The CNC-machined lightweight ally body has a rigid design, engineered to eliminate flex as suffered by many other calipers. They also feature internal fluid crossover which eliminates external tubing. The pistons are available in a variety of sizes to ensure the caliper is personalised to your needs and ideally suited to your car.

We have supplied brakes for the Red Victor, a 2300BHP, six second quarter-mile beast, which is possibly the fastest accelerating legal road car in the world.

Our R114-4 caliper has also proven its’ worth, helping the Radical SR8 set a 6 minute 48 second lap on the harshest track in the world, The Nordschleife. This record still stands as the fastest lap ever by a non-hybrid prototype car.

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