All HiSpec race calipers are made from 6082 T6 spec billet aluminium                    to eliminate flex and aid heat dispersion.


                  HiSpec race calipers feature external stainless steel fluid pipes to                  promote cooling, reducing the risk of overheating and boiling the brake                  fluid.

      HiSpec race calipers are supplied in a hard black anodised finish for an

     extra layer of  protection in harsh conditions.

           Please call our sales team for help and advice on your own bespoke racing          setup.

New HiSpec MonoBlock series

The newest, lightest and strongest calipers available for those huge conversion kits that need the ultimate in stopping ability.

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                 The RX range by HiSpec

                           After months of development, the                              latest design of calipers is here.                                 Developed on a 3D software                                   test bed, the new RX13, RX15                                     and RX17 calipers have been                                       proven as one of the best                                        options available when it                                         comes to big brakes! By                                         increasing depth rigidity                                         and incorporating 30mm                                          deep pistons, these                                           calipers can hold their                                           own, even when the                                          pads and rotors have                                          worn close to their limit!

After developing the new x-flow fluid crossover, the original RX series calipers were able to lose the external loop pipe that other un-spaced billet calipers have to compromise with. This flawlessly smooth outside, coupled with the ultra narrow bridge means huge rotor sizes inside the smallest wheels!

You won’t believe the ability of the RX calipers until you see it for yourself!

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