We have designed and manufactured uprights based on the Ford Cortina, with both the Cortina and Sierra hub options available.  Our uprights will shed considerable weight on your vehicle compared to the standard factory uprights.  All units are manufactured out of high quality aluminium and stainless steel.

Hi Spec Cortina geometry uprights

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cortina uprights with sierra hubsCortina Uprights

Cortina Upright assembly with Sierra hub

This combination works well using a standard Sierra 260 x 24mm disc and Hi Spec Ultralite 4 or Billet 4 Princess lug caliper. These fit straight on and help to maintain the Cortina geometry. The stub axle is short and very rigid.

Cortina Upright assembly

Upright assembly price each £140.00

Billet Ford Cortina and Escort Mk2 RS2000 front hubs:

Complete with wheel studs, bearings and grease cap -

                                        assembly weight just 1521 grams

Hubs price from £55 each