As a British engineering company Hi Spec Motorsport Ltd

manufactures conversions, calipers and rotors at our premises in Dartford, Kent

With over 25years experience of making brake components

Recommended brake kits as per wheel size below

Please request wheel clearance diagram to be absolutely sure our brake kit will clear your wheels

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Hispec entire range of calipers are made from highest quality billet aluminium

Hispec caliper are made to extreme specifications and tolerances

Hispec road caliper are designed, tested and proven to be used on race cars

Hispec road caliper’s are available in hard anodised black for function or powdercoat red, yellow, blue, black, silver

Hispec road calipers except our Ultralight range come equipped with dust boots to keep dust, dirt and grime away from the piston seals

19”-20+” Front Road Brake kits

2 piece disc brake kit contents example picture

Mega 8-Pot  Brake kits

Monster calipers look stunning as well being pretty robust. They are suited for light to middle weight vehicles that are running decent power and used on road and track

They are more suited to heavy use than the billet 4

Please check out Billet 4 in our caliper section for more information on the great calipers

Mega Monster vs 8 pot Brake kits

One of the main difference between the calipers is that the Monster 4 is a 4 pot caliper and the Monster 6 is a 6 pot caliper.

Aesthetically the Monster 6 looks better and also functions better as being a 6 pot caliper it has been engineered to drastically decrease and almost eliminate pad taper wear.

Hispec 2 piece disc brake kits contents:

Pair of radial mount calipers

Pair of mounting brackets and hardware

Pair of bells and hardware

Pair of curved 48 vane rotors

Mega ~Monster- Brake Kits

Our Extreme 8 brake kits look aesthetically pleasing as the are large calipers and look stunning behind the wheel

The caliper was designed as a 8pot so that the pressure applied to the pads is applied uniformly

Minimum recommended wheel size


1 or 2 piece disc

Disc/Rotor Size

20” Wheel

Mega Monster

2 Piece Disc


20” Wheel

Mega 8-Pot 4 Pad

2 Piece Disc


21” Wheel

Mega 8-Pot 4 Pad

2 Piece Disc


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Our kits are made to order, Please allow up to 28 days from your purchase date to shipping of your HiSpec conversion.

Before ordering please check your wheel clearances.  HiSpec calipers are wider than the standard sliding caliper, therefore we cannot guarantee fitment for every wheel on the market.